Everything Freezes In Batman: Arkham Origins' Story DLC

Everything Freezes In Batman: Arkham Origins' Story DLC

A giant diamond, some ice crystals, and an invitation to an awards gala at Wayne Manor? Sounds like Batman: Arkham Origins' upcoming story DLC is going to be one cool party. Does the Ice Man cometh?

The Batman Arkham Twitter account promised a surprise for New Years' Day, and this looks to have been it. "All-new story DLC coming in 2014!" and the image you see here. This is after the account tweeted an invitation to Gotham's Humanitarian of the Year awards yesterday.

You are cordially invited to the Humanitarian of the Year Awards at the Wayne Manor on New Year's Eve. #ArkhamOrigins pic.twitter.com/h3vk2IL4IN

— Batman Arkham (@BatmanArkham) December 31, 2013

What does it all mean? I mean, aside from Mr. Freeze, obviously.

We knew story DLC was coming for Arkham Origins. Speaking to Eurogamer last year (love saying that), Batman Arkham Origins senior producer Ben Mattes said the story DLC for the game would "focus on one of the most key relationships in Batman canon."

The question is, is that relationship Batman and Mr. Freeze, or is Mr. Freeze simply the villain of the story? Could Robin be involved? Is this a remake of Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin?

OK, now I've frightened myself. Back to New Year celebrating.


    Maybe he was talking about one of the most iconic romantic relationships in Batman lore, and the DLC focuses on the Victor/Nora relationship?

    Either way, I'm never against more Batman. Let's just hope this treats us better than Harley Quinn's Revenge did.

    That title is misleading! I thought it impied that the DLC had just came out and was constantly making consoles freeze up during play.

      Everybody chill.

      Didn't that originally come with the full game?

    You're not sending me to the cooler.

    (can't wait)

    For me in terms of the dlc, I predict this is following the 'Heart of Ice' episode. But in the new 52 comic, its Bruce Wayne who orders the shut down of the project after Freeze becomes too obsessed with Nora Fields. Do you think the story will focus on the relationship on Bruce and Mr. Freeze or will it follow the episode ' Heart of Ice' with a completely different CEO?

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