Everything You Need To Know About Rust, In 10 Seconds

When I started playing Rust, I went looking for advice from more experienced players. I sure found it.

Look for more video from Rust this week, until then, check out Luke's preview!


    Yeah after having my head caved in numerous times, I came to the conclusion that this game is designed to make people want to troll.

    Yesterday I managed to kill a pig and spend a night without starving to death, now I have a bunch of stuff in a building hidden somewhere. No doubt it has all been raided and will be gone when I check back. Great game.

    Rust is also known as oxidation
    Rust appears with several metals, though the word rust is commonly used with iron
    Rust occurs when a metal is exposed to air
    A chemical reaction happens and the metal molecules react with the air
    Painting over exposed surfaces is the easiest way to prevent rust from occurring

    Wait, you're all talking about something else aren't you.

      Rust isn't also known as oxidation. Rust is created by oxidation due to the presence of oxygen and water. Oxidation is a much broader term which describes the loss of an electron from an atom or compound.

      Oxidation occurs in many metals, while "rust" is a term used pretty much exclusively for oxides of iron and its alloys.

      Fun fact: rust is boat cancer

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        You know, if the video actually was about rust, I'd be a bit more accurate in my statements, but it wasn't, was it?

    Bought it today, played it for a few hours...

    It's pretty average. So yeah. The rubber-banding is TERRIBLE at the moment, making it almost unplayable.

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      Kind of like Nether. Fair enough that's alpha though so there's lots of room for improvement. But at this stage it's still quite bland and a bit buggy.

      You might need to find a better server. I have had one experience of rubber banding, but generally it plays very well.

    Hehe at the game's description in Steam ".,..create alliances with other players".

    Yep, DayZ has taught us that it's sure to happen. :)

      lol you CAN do that but you have to find other players who are just as sick and tired of the game as you are... then it takes on a life of its own lol.

      We were playing last night, came across a newbie. I said 'HI.... you've just started?' and he says 'Yeah... just got killed...' I replied 'Then you've not much to lose. I need to do a blood test... I need three bags full. One for me, one for my mate and one for you when you respawn.' He graciously let us drain him like a vampire.

      Then when he died we ran off giggling that we couldn't believe someone fell for it!

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