Everything You Wanted To Know About Gamers And Their Pornography Habits

Don't ask me how I found this, but last month pornography site Pornhub did some extensive research into the pornography habits of gamers using consoles to stream porn directly to their TV. The results were sometime predictable, sometimes surprising, occasionally hilarious.

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Here are some of the facts.

— Gamers tend to view more videos on average compared to regular users on desktop computers. Most average 7.6 pages, whereas folks accessing porn via their Wii averaged 8.44.

— Viewers watching porn on the Xbox tended to 'last longest', surviving for an average of 11 minutes and 34 seconds. Folks using the Wii and the PlayStation 3 lasted up to a minute less on average, but all gamers fared better than the overall average user. Yay!

— PlayStation users were most likely to use their consoles to watch pornography. Not entirely sure what that means but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

— Nintendo users favourite type of pornography was 'Hentai'.

— PlayStation users favourite type of pornography was 'MILF'.

— Xbox users favourite was 'Teen'.

— Hilariously, HD porn came in 8th on their list of favourite types of porn, despite the fact the Wii doesn't actually run at HD!

Pornhub has apparently put a lot of work into making sure that its site will be fully functional with next generation consoles.

"Pornhub strives to always give the best user experience possible, no matter what platform our users are accessing the site from," they said. "Game consoles are no exception, and our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that Pornhub would be fully supported on the PS4 and Xbox One systems at their launch (along with continued support for the PS3 and Wii)."

Video Gamers & Pornhub [Pornhub]

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    Folks using the Wii and the PlayStation 3 lasted up to a minute less on average

    Didn't see that one coming...

      Perhaps the XBox causes impotence.

        It's just tweens looking for a moan section so they can jump on CoD and be like "I'm fucking your mum right now wanna listen?"

          Do they actually do that? Because while that is as immature as I would expect from a 13 year old playing Call of Duty, I gotta give them credit for creativity.

        Or more playstation users suffer from pre-mature ejaculation? Who knows?

          The concept of 'lasting' or 'pre-mature ejaculation' don't apply to masturbation because it's entirely user-controlled. You're arousing yourself with the material you chose and pleasuring yourself with an instrument of perfect sensitivity and feedback.

          Because anyone can go as long or short as they desire with porn, 'lasting' is a ridiculous boast. When I feel hot and bothered, I'll watch porn and do my business in five minutes to get the monkey off my back, it says nothing for how I'll 'perform' in the real world since that's all cardio.

            I wasn't being serious but that was an interesting read.
            I just have one thing to add its my opinion through discussion with friends recently (started by our wives) as you get older it takes longer to finish prob due to lack of cardio as we can't keep the pace we could when we were younger. The conversation was regarding why we don't sneak away for quickies anymore. Or as the guys concluded any bogus excuse not to have sex because apparently we would have more quickies if we could be quick :|

              Heh heh, we have kids and sneaky quickies is mostly all we can get!

                Tell me about it, I have 4 girls 13 and under :|

          Nah, Playstation users just want to get it over with so they can get back to playing those sweet sweet exclusives. Oh yeah!

            When playstation4 gets any can you let me know :P

    Nintendo fans know what's up.

      Yeah, couldn't help but smile when 'Hentai' was associated with Nintendo. It's beyond fitting.

    Haha, I can see people reading this article holding back the urge to disagree with some of these statistics.

    Why is 'Teen' so popular?

      Is it because they are full of vim and vigor? Or is it their charmingly youthful naiveté? This warrants further research...

    I'm still going to ask: How did you find this?

      Damn you beat me to it. I was going to go ahead and ask anyway how he found it :P

      They did an AMA on reddit. So yeah... reddit... the same way Kotaku gets most of its news lately =\

    our engineers worked tirelessly

    'excuse me maam, I'm here to fix your console. Why yes I do have an Xbone, do you wanna see it, touch it, lick it?' etc etc

    When you get Hentai of teen ebony lesbian MILFs, with squirting big tits, you've pretty much got the top 10 covered.

      I'm pretty sure I've seen that one.

      It was okay.

        Teen lesbian MILFs is not exactly logically consistent. But then neither is most porn.

          Come to Elizabeth, SA: just north of the "bogan proof fence" and you will plenty of 15 yo [or younger] single mums. By the time they are 18 and legal for porn, they'd be on their second [or third] child, still teens, still lactating, and SOMEONE is MILF'ing them.
          So a hentai version only needs to add some lesbian activity and it's done. Considering the shows some local girls do when drunk / high, it wouldn't be a big stretch either.

          You probably have similar suburbs, in other cities.

    "Nintendo users favourite type of pornography was ‘Hentai’.
    PlayStation users favourite type of pornography was ‘MILF’.
    Xbox users favourite was ‘Teen’."

    This shit reads straight from a Dorkly comic. Hilarious.

    Playstation fans have mature women as their first preference? I think that may actually be a decent representation older age of the Playstation user base, or at least their maturity (trollol)!

      Or the complete opposite. When I was younger, I used to prefer 'MILF/mature' and still do but I also realised that the closer I approach 30, the creepier my watching 'teen' porn becomes and so I'm probably skewing closer to the PS3 column. I'll hazard a guess that most Xbox users are younger than me.

    xvideos is the most optimized for PS3. All the other sites are lagy.

      Why would you care about lag on a video site? Other than the time it takes to start the stream, how is latency going to affect you?

        "Other than the time it takes to start the stream" is my favourite comment fragment ever on a porn story.

        The playback skips repeatedly and even has tearing with the particular player pornhub uses. All of the animated advertisements causes the site to be almost inoperable with the PS3 browser. This is why i find pornhubs claimed console emphasis confusing. Perhaps the new generation of consoles are bringing them more traffic.


    The thing I find most interesting is the love for my brown sugar soul sistas.

    jeesus. dont people kno the squirting thing is just double the fake orgasm and some pee? its all BS. got to go amateur porn. that's where its at! The high end stars just moan and roll around then find some way to screw up the perfect ending.

    I always wondered why my wife plays so much WII lol

    Any one else making the correlation between hentai and miis?

    Stop watching porn!


    Doesn't anybody else see the hilarity in Wii users searching 'HD' at all?

    this article was better:


    When did Golden Showers become so uncool?

    Wait a minute!!
    Teen is #1 on Xbox360 but #4 on PS3, then PS4 Teen is #2 Is this the first data we are seeing that is showing the market of xbox360s users shifting to PS4 ? >.

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