Fake Demon Baby Terrorises Pedestrians

Babies: They do the darndest things! Especially when they're the animatronic spawn of fake Satan.

If you see an unattended baby stroller on a busy city street, you probably walk up to make sure everything's OK. And then… well, if you're lucky, you just may be attacked by a screaming, vomiting, remote-controlled demon baby.

Like the telekinetic café girl from last year, this is a promotional stunt for an upcoming movie; in this case the Baby Horror flick Devil's Due. (The prank was even made by Thinkmodo, the same people behind the café stunt.) But really, just like with last year's stunt, the promotional tie-in doesn't really make the prank itself less enjoyable.

[via Laughing Squid]


    Thank you for putting 'Fake' in the title :P

    Wait, this is a demon baby? I thought all babies were like that.

    Because this totally has to do with gaming.... Belongs on Lifehacker

    While the old-fart adult in me thinks this is so wrong, it couldn't help bring a naughty smile to the teenager lurking under the surface.

    What's the difference between this and a real baby? They're both tiny, loud, and disruptive, the only thing I can spot between the two is you won't go to jail for killing that one. ;)

    Last edited 16/01/14 8:41 am

      Please hold that opinion for the rest of your life. It gives me hope in the future of humanity knowing that people like you will never breed.

      I think most Gen Y-ers are terrified by babies.

        I'm not a Gen Y, I just hate children.

          You'll be the crotchety old man complaining about the kids on wheelie boards ruining the neighbourhood.

            Not as long as they stay off of my property.

              I found your birthday present =)


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