Fan-Made Command & Conquer Shooter Is Looking Good, Coming Soon

As I played Command & Conquer back in the day, I always did wonder what it would be like to be one of the little men on the ground, doing the bidding of the all-seeing powers in the sky. Soon we'll all get a taste of that.

This video is the latest trailer for Renegade X, a fan-made multiplayer shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe. It looks polished and fun, particularly for a free game made entirely by fans. We'll see if it's actually balanced and plays well when it comes out, but for the time being - impressive. It'll be out on February 26.

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    Not trying to be a jerk but umm, we already got to see what it was like in C & C Renegade. I hope this turns out well though.

      "hope this turns out well though" heheh yeah! unlike C&C Renegade! which was fucking rubbish!

        Hey now! It... it was kind of pretty!

        This looks awfully planetside 2 though from what I've seen

        C&C renegade was awesome!

    after watching the video
    it gives a true definition to 'spray and pray'

    I used to play Renegade all the time. I've been waiting for this for ages \o/

    Anyone know what engine they are using?

    EDIT: site was down, but looks like an Unreal engine.

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    Wasn't there a Renegade HD remake also called Renegade X? Is this the same thing?

    Last edited 22/01/14 8:48 pm

    I remember loving C&C renegade when I was a kid, dont think It ever had enough people in a match to properly work though. Was kinda like mini-tribes 2.

    There already was a C&C FPS game o_-

    C&C: Renegade, one of my favourite shooters of all time. Do some research Kirk. :P

    To me this is what is keeping C&C alive. I really wanted Generals 2 to come into existence and I still do, but at least we still have the ones that came before Red Alert 3 and C&C 4.

    Brotherhood. Unity. Peace

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