Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Crazy Ambitious

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Crazy Ambitious

Pokémon Evoas is a fan-made game that aims to change and mix up a few things concerning classic Pokémon gameplay. It is a mostly one-man project by th3sharkk and a a few other contributors, who have just released a 30-minute preview of their project that is playable over here.

I really like the art style — it's a lot better than the kind you see in the typical, average-looking fan games made in RPG Maker. Besides that, the story also is a bit different this time: instead of winning badges, you have to reclaim your old Pokémon team.

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Crazy Ambitious

The battle system has been changed as well. They've added tougher, so called infected trainers and a high stakes risk/reward mechanic called brink mode.

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Crazy Ambitious

Pretty cool project, definitely worth checking out. And hopefully it will be finished soon.

Pokemon Evoas 0.0.3 [th3sharkk, DeviantART]


    And how long before Nintendo shuts this down :(
    Which is a shame, because although I haven't checked the site out, the little information here sounds intriguing

      As long as they don't ask money for it, it should be OK. There's already lots of Pokémon hacks out there.

      I may get flamed, but I don't think Nintendo should be penalised by the comunity for protecting it's trademarks. It isn't like this isn't directly using their IP. On the same day we are skewering King for trademarking Candy, we are also preemptively skewering Nintendo for not letting Pokemon (One of their most important franchises) be used by everybody? If this game used other monsters, I'd be all for it, but it is directly taking the actual Pokemon. And if they didn't, it would probably never get noticed, showing how important that license is to both sides. In short: Change to your own monsters and make your own go of it, instead of piggybacking on theirs.

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