Five Things About Dark Souls II, None Of Which Will Keep You From Dying

PlayStation Access talks us through 11 minutes of gameplay from the brutal sequel, pointing out helpful tips that, in light of all the death, don't really seem all that helpful.


    It would be nice if you quickly told us what those 5 things were to intrigue us enough to click on the video for more details.

      1. Everything kills you
      2. Need to think about which weapon is appropriate for which situation
      3. Try to backstab
      4. Mirror knight
      5. You can choose different classes

      Useful stuff...?

      It's basically just a video of a Namco employee playing with some other guys talking you through it. I'm pretty sure I've seen the same video last year some time, maybe with a different voiceover.

        1, 3 and 5 I don't need to look into. But if there are enough details explaining why then point 2 is worth looking at. Point 4 just seems like promotion.

          2: "Don't use a big sword in a tight room with columns".

          This video is interesting enough to watch regardless of the points, I guess, though there isn't anything new in it. If you're still debating whether to spend time on watching, it's probably not worthwhile.

    I think everyone is going towards the IGN video review instead of writing articles. It is very very annoying.

      I agree with this, but to be fair, there isn't much in the way of new information at this point.

        Still, people can give their impressions and desires.

      I hate it as well. I'm one of those people who prefer to read the salient points in a minute than have to sit through 10 minutes of waffle. As Joe Friday would say, "All we want are the facts."

    Five things about Dark Souls II.

    1. It's hard.
    2. Hard.
    3. Hard.
    4. Hard.
    5. Hard.

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