For $600 You Can Have Kratos' Head On A Stick

Although God knows why anyone would want this guy's ugly mug sitting around their living room!

So this is an actual 'life size' bust of Kratos and his bald dome piece. It's made out of polystone resin and the crushed, broken dreams of decapitated kittens.

That last part I made up. Sorry not sorry.

Apparently there are only 500 of these available for purchase, hence the $600 price tag. I'm pretty sure they'll go quick, so if you're interested you'd better head here quick smart.


    I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon... With nail polish.

    Got to wonder what shipping would be, but if your forking out $600 I guess you have the cash.

      Shipping from Gaming Heads are usually flat $30

    On a stick, you say? If the head is made from ice cream, I'm totally in.

      What favour would a Kratos icecream be? Vanilla & bitterness? The red bit would probably be strawberry I suppose

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