Former SNL Star Has Some Killer Star Wars Impressions

Bill Hader has spent a sufficient amount of time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he can do lots of impressions. But, still, I'm not sure I was prepared for his Jabba. Damn.

The actor/comedian appeared on Conan O'Brien's show last night and Conan just couldn't help but ask if Hader would ever want to be in J.J. Abrams' next Star Wars film. Check out his other hilarious impressions in the clip above.


    that was amazing. i love Bill Hader. gonna sorely miss him in SNL.

    Anyone else click the play button on the picture?

    Didn't he do that exact same impression in either Pineapple Express or Superbad...? I'm sure I've seen it before. Also, Hader is a great talent, I love the guy. For realsies.

    Edit: I remembered, it was in Knocked up.

    Excuse the length of the clip... 10 seconds really would suffice,3 mins is a bit much :\

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