Four Awesomely Hilarious People Play Starbound

Starbound is actually barely discussed in this one. Not that it matters. It's utterly brilliant either way.

Note: Don't look at this at work. It'll make you chuckle loudly. Also, it's moderately NSFW.

It's a longer vid at fifteen minutes, but I'd recommend hanging around at least until they start talking about superheroes. That's the point where it enters comedy gold territory.

By the way, Starbound's next update should be hitting this weekend, bringing with it the much-anticipated final scheduled character wipe. So if you've been holding out on the game because you didn't want your characters deleted, now might be a good time to have a look. And in case you're new to Starbound and want to know what's going on, you can check out our much more game-focused impressions video here.

The Collegiate Alliance - Starbound [collegiatealliance@YouTube]


    Hilarious must have a different meaning then the one that I understand.

    Sounds like they are all high. Didn't find it particularly funny either..

    Well that was disappointingly unfunny.

    Anyway, i'm still considering buying this game. Not sure if it's worth $15.

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