Four-Person Super Metroid Speedrun May Consume Next Hour Of Your Life

Four people race through the Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid. Who wins? Also, how in the world do they do this stuff?

The video above, uploaded by YouTuber Charles English, shows the four-person Super Metroid speedrun that went down last weekend as part of the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event. I started watching and couldn't stop. I was transfixed.

As our friends at Polygon rightly rave, it's not just the performance of the players that is impressive. The commentary is both informative and entertaining. Listen, and you'll learn all sort of great Super Metroid speedrunning terms while you maintain a clear sense of who is doing well and why.

Find out more about the charity event at the official Awesome Games Done Quick site. And cross your fingers that someday we get a new Metroid game to watch people play through.

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    If the Metroid Prime one is on YouTube catch that one as well. They had a Retro Studios Dev on the Skype call during the run providing some great commentary.

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