Four Totally Reasonable Video Game Predictions For 2014

Four Totally Reasonable Video Game Predictions For 2014

2014 is still young and the bets are still on, so what will it be for video games in this new year? Comic-creating duo Cara Ellison and Elizabeth Simins think they have some really sound ideas.

Follow Ellison’s writing on her blog. She’s on Twitter, too, @carachan1. You can find more of Simins’ art, much of it about video games, at Cargo Collective. She’s on Twitter @elizsimins.


  • Prediction: in 2014, at least one indie game that is somewhat interesting but offers no more than 50minutes of enjoyment will appear in just about every game reviewers top 10 games of 2014, and will be gushed over far in excess of said game’s merit, as though it had completely turned video gaming on its head. Game reviewers will fall over themselves on their quest to be more trendy and cutting edge than one another – the hipsterisation of game reviewing. In 2015, an indie game will be released titled “Number 9”, which involves the gamer just pressing the 9 key on their keyboard periodically in response to random, minimalist, 16-colour, 40×40 graphical images of sad children. At least half of reviewers will give this game 11/10.

    • Hipsterisation of game reviews has started – read an issue of Hyper from the past few months for evidence (especially their GTAV review)

    • Sounds like you’re predicting that critics will continually be searching for new experiences further and further away from the mostly dull blockbusters. Personally I say bring it on.

      • Pixel-art or silhouette rogue-likes/platformers aren’t any newer or less dull than the AAA blockbusters, now. Won’t stop hipster reviewers from splooshing over them like they’re the second coming.

        • I contest the use of the word ‘hipster’ and the assertion that it’s an ego race between reviewers – I like that there’s a reaction to the AAAs of a more concentrated or minimal variety, and I think there’s lots of reviewers who appreciate it too.

          Even if it’s just another trend of platformers and pixel art – I welcome a divergence, and hope it’s one of many.

  • Half life 3 will be released as a retro 2D platformer where Gordon freeman has taken up plumbing and is trying to save Alyx ,who has taken to wearing a pink dress, from an evil dragon type thing.

  • A LEGO game.
    A bad movie tie-in game that scores about 5/10 on average.
    A CoD and a Battlefield or some spank-gargle-wee-wee equivalent.
    Some company will come out and say that there game must have an always online component, even though it would be quickly disproved by the Internet.
    One massive blockbuster AAA title will have some semblance of story and take a very minor risk, so it will be crowned game of the year by August.
    That won’t stop 50 other AAA titles that don’t sell very well to re-release their game as “Game of the Year edition”.
    Xbone and PS4 will begin to slowly build a library and there will be a few interesting releases on them, but lots of not very interesting at all release.
    Something will cause the hype train to go into overdrive about something (my money is on Fallout 4 or a WoW reboot)
    A lot of good games will be ignored.
    A lot of bad games will be ignored.
    I will copy and paste this exact status into an article asking what 2015 will be like and it will still be right.
    I will eventually release a small book of predictions written so cryptically I will be hailed as a modern day Nostradamus.
    There will be a serious flood of DLC and most of it will suck.

      • I don’t know when*, but I’ll put it on Amazon at some stage.

        * I do know when, as I’m an amazing clairvoyant, but it was something to do with stars aligning and I can’t be buggered looking that up.

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