Gabe Newell Says He'll Do A Reddit AMA If Charity Reaches $500,000

Gabe Newell Says He'll Do A Reddit AMA If Charity Reaches $US500k

When Valve head honcho Gabe Newell posted on Reddit yesterday, the community freaked out. And although some people were interested in the racing link Newell submitted, most Redditors want to ask questions about Valve that have been on their mind for years, like "Where's Left 4 Dead 3?" and "How long did it take you to grow that beard?"

So Newell has agreed to participate in one of Reddit's greatest services, the frankly-titled Ask Me Anything. Once his charity hits $US500,000 in hospital donations — which should be easy, considering this is Gabe Newell and the Internet — he'll let anyone ask him questions about life, the universe, and Half-Life.

You can donate right here. No word on how much they've earned so far, but I'm sure the charity will clear half a million by the end of the day. This is Gabe Newell we're talking about.


    There will be one question asked repeatedly. The number of guesses as to this question you may have is between 2 & 4

      "Each 3 joke is one fewer fat joke, so bonus." - Gabe Newell

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    So he needs to be 'bribed' to do a AMA while the President of the United States just does it?

      The POTUS does it because it's part of his job and it serves his interests. I'm sure Obama didn't just wake up one morning and think: "You know what, doing an AMA would be fun."

      Gabe wants to raise money for Charity. He realised people wanted an AMA, so he thought it would be a good opportunity to bring some attention to a good cause. It doesn't serve his interests, it serves the interests of the kids in hospitals and the fans.

        Look. I get that but it just smacks of exploiting his fans. Othe big names have done AMA with asking for anything in return but because it's Gabe it's all fine.

          He's not asking for anything that isn't reasonable :s

          It's for charity, man. Any of the big names could have said they'd do it once a charity of their choice raises a certain amount and it would have been fine.

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          Clearly your definition of "Donating to charity" is very, very different to mine.

            Mine is donating without expecting anything in return.

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              There are so many examples of people pledging to do things if charity campaigns reach certain goals that this is hardly without precedent.

              There are also lots of examples of fund raising that involve selling stuff. I remember selling chocolates as a kid for a school fund raiser, for instance.

                But you have to admit, $500'000 to answer the one question you know everyone will ask and he will prob breeze right over?
                Because it's at the stage where most want to know if it is going to happen or never happen and if he doesn't answer them....well, charity or not he will anger quite a few

                  If he set a goal of half a million, presumably he has reason to think it is achievable. There would be a lot of hate mail if it got up to $450k and stopped.

                  But given the support other related charity drives have seen it seems doable. So if he encourages others to donate to a good cause, more power to him.

          It also seems kinda like something that he'd really rather not do, but that pressure's been building so... Ugh. Fine. But someone's going to get something good out of it, instead of simply performing on a stage for the gratification of a bunch of needy nerds.

          I also find it a little bit distasteful. Whilst of course it's great that the money is going to a charity, it is effectively asking people to pay up for an AMA. An alternative would be to promote the charity during his AMA.

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          He's not asking for the money to go into his bank. It's going to charity. Wow.

          Lol You seriously don't get the point kid.

            I get the point, I'm not retarded. I just have a different opinion to you on this whole thing.

              It's better for the world if he cares more about charity than answering gamers' questions.

    The Book of GabeN reads (from reddit):

    Our developer,
    who art in Bellevue
    Newell be thy name.
    Thy games shall come
    When they are done
    And they will be totally awesome.
    Give us this day our daily hats
    And forgive us our impatience
    As we forgive those who take forever.
    And lead us not into fat jokes
    But deliver us from EA.
    For thine is the software
    And the Alyx
    And the Gordon
    Forever and ever.

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