Game Developer Puts His One Year Old In Every Video Game Ever

Ben Stirling is a Game Development producer at Guru Studio in Toronto Canada. He also has a little boy who just turned one year old. I can relate. My son also turned one year old last week. I bought my son a little mini drumkit, but Ben's present was way cooler — he placed his son in all of the video games!

For example, Mario Kart where he — of course — placed first.

I don't know how he made it into Left 4 Dead. This is some seriously irresponsible parenting here. THERE ARE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

Ah... LittleBigPlanet. That's a bit more suitable.


How can a child survive in the harsh climate of Skyrim. There's snow everywhere — put some clothes on this guy!

Portal is cool though. A nice, sterile safe environment for a child. I wonder if GlaDOS is up for running a daycare service. SIGN ME UP.

But yeah, the Mass Effect one is my favourite. I can relate to this level of communication.

Okay, I think that's enough cute for one day. Forgive me. I am a father now, I'm susceptible to this kind of stuff now!

Via Attempted Artistry!


    Parenthood changes you man. Changes you hardcore!

      omg that is true, ive never heard of a groin alarm clock till i became a parent *arrrgggg*

        wait till they learn karate and do it without any warning when you're awake and alert and about to have dinner with friends…

    lol renegade poop - I'm about to be a dad in march, is it indoctrination to dress your kid in an N7 onsie?

      Congratulations! It's fucking awesome/fucking rough. More awesome though.

    That's...disturbing. Cute, yes. But extremely disturbing.

    Gears one is awesome.

    Should have done something like this for my 2 year old daughter.

    They're cool. When I read the title I thought that the developer actually placed a model or a photo or something in every game he's worked on, within the actual game.

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