Catlateral Damage Should Really Be Called Jerk Cat Simulator 2014

Catlateral Damage Should Really Be Called Jerk Cat Simulator 2014

It’s well known that cats are jerks. Now you experience what it’s like for yourself with this first-person cat simulator. Catlateral Damage is just a demo for the moment, but you can play it for free in your browser right now.

Originally made for the 7DFPS game jam, Catlateral Damage just has you play as a cat, doing cat stuff. Specifically, knocking stuff on the floor. The creator, Chris Chung, has been working on making it into a full game including modes like “Time Attack and Cat Ops”.

Play the latest version of the game in your browser right meow.

via Alpha Beta Gamer


  • Well, damn – these guys beat me to it. I was designing a cat game sort of like this about 2 weeks ago after looking after my friends cats and observing the little games they come up with.

    • “the little games”

      You won’t be saying that when you own a cat or two 😛 One of mine just loves to knock shit off anything and everything, especially water bottles. He seems to love water out of a bottle over what’s in a bowl for him even though it’s fresh. The main thing though is he knocked my PSP off a chest of drawers and it now has 3 lines across the screen. I need to upgrade to a Vita but that’s besides the point. Damned cat

      • Yes, cats not only prefer stagnant water, but also very long dead festering meat (eg week old dead mice/birds are a favorite)

    • There are plenty of other games you can make based on cat behaviour. Let’s see, there’s snoozing, licking their butts, snoozing, turning their noses up at their food and expecting something better, licking their butts, pointing their butts at people who are trying to pay attention to them, and my personal favourite; wake up your owner by nibbling on their toes (my cat has a foot fetish).

      • As a kid I had a cat who liked to wake you by sitting on your chest so you couldn’t breathe, then kneading your chest skin with her claws. Because BREAKFAST, dammit!
        (Which y’know, you had to do. Because if you chased her off and went to sleep another couple hours, she’d have gone outside and caught a bird to eat instead. Sometimes as a present, she’d leave the head for us. Because breakfast dammit.)

        • This gives me an idea for a different game: How To Train Your Hooman, in which you play as a cat and attempt to manipulate humans into fulfilling basic sims-style needs (hunger, thirst, comfort, toilet, etc). You can attempt to woo them with cuteness, claw them, bring “presents”, crap on their bed, etc.

          • my sister’s cat once peed on my sleeping bag while I was sleeping in it. I wasn’t definitely woo’d…

  • Can you invert the mouse? Because, ugh… what kind of peasant scum plays without an inverted mouse look??

    • Sorry, played a couple of games, really got into character, which really freaked my wife out when I tried to take a shit in her shoes.

    • I’m not sure what’s wrong with the programmer….he remembers to set up joystick controls but forgets an essential like inverted mouse look?

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