Game That Actually Looks Next-Gen Gets Its First Trailer

Part of this teaser you’re about to watch is live-action. Other parts are generated by an all-new bleeding-edge graphics engine. And, even if you can tell what’s been recorded in reality and what’s generated by software, you have to admit that the border between the two looks like it’s dissolving.

The clip is for Get Even, a single/multiplayer hybrid shooter being developed by The Farm 51.

Get Even subtlety removes the classic division between single-player and multiplayer experiences to unfold two linked stories. The game’s plot revolves around the memories of its central heroes which have a dramatic effect on how the game progresses.

It uses an environmental scanning technology called Thorskan, created by special effects house Better Reality. The trailer doesn’t have any examples of gameplay or story set-up. Mostly, it’s showing off how good the creators can make stuff look. Don’t expect to see Get Even before 2015.


  • Wow, that Thorskan technology is going to make completely static environments, that happen to already exist in the real world, ignoring the drawbacks of the huge amounts of texture data required, look AMAZING.

    It reminds me of the face tech from LA Noire – gorgeous but potentially very limiting.

    • I can appreciate that the LA Noire tech, was limiting in the sense that it obviously wasn’t that cost effective and wouldn’t be utilised by many games, but this technology could be used for numerous games…well depending on – like you said – how resource heavy it is. But most linear games maybe? So many games have their own engines now, and or utilise engines that are dev friendly, so who knows.

      • Yeah it’s definitely got potential, and I don’t think it is engine specific – you could use this scanning tech and integrate it into most game engines, at least for the texture and geometry data, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be insurmountable to bring in the lighting data too.

        I just remember how much data the textures in Rage took up, which used megatexture tech that meant that every surface had it’s own unique texturing, which would be similar to what’s happening here. The downside of it is that if your world is even remotely large, you have to compress the textures down to fit and stream reasonably, which for Rage resulted in some really bad blur in places. One upside of this is what it would potentially reduce the art time required to make the assets.

        The LA Noire techs main limitation is that same as Thorkscan, you can’t use it to do anything that doesn’t already exist, so no alien faces or fantasy environments.

        It will be fine for this game as long as they only want to use real world locations, which can be edited once scanned, but if they need to create a location that doesn’t exist, it likely won’t fit in with the rest of the game visually, which puts a lot of limits on the game design.

        It also won’t be able to handle a complicated or non-static environment, like a forest. The overlapping geometry of the leaves, even before thinking about the movement from the wind, wouldn’t be scannable. So it’s really just limited to man-made, small scale spaces without any moving elements, like individual rooms in an abandoned building for example.

  • “Eschewing the usual clichés and gung-ho settings…”

    Such as a group of military men moving through a destroyed building, in an effort to rescue an attractive, fetishised damsel in distress?

    The ending of this video killed any interest I have in playing this game. This is the most interesting thing they can come up with?

    • You must be a moron! I wasn’t hooked *until* the chick came on screen. Here’s hoping there is a boot licking mini game. Chicks that know the true sexual power of a knee high boot are off the wall

    • Really? I honestly thought this was ugly, maybe its the youtube compression but I could easily tell a massive difference between the “real” and the this CGI polished up cut scene. The scenery was pretty decent but the people were terrible, hell Ryse characters looked better.

      Also don’t get me started on the entire fact that this was PRE RENDERED with no gameplay footage and polished up the arse. I have no doubts that If the actual game looked this good that is what they would be showing, its just another BS fluff piece tech demo that does nothing and will lead to nothing, like all those floating heads at E3.

      Just like the thing that renders entire worlds down to blades of grass, I won’t believe it until it looks actually better than Ryse with real game play being played in front of my eyes. Cynical and a myriad of other things I’m sure but im a product of the the generation, all video game and tech companies do is lie to my face with every single trailer or pr stunt.

      On a side note it would be interesting to see how much the real world conversion takes up in file space, I imagine that if it could be reduced to be alot less than man made it could help shrink game sizes while still increasing graphical fidelity, assuming it looks this good in the first place, you know pre polishing.

      • Hit it up to 1080p, max it up on a monitor and also notice:

        The windows look *TERRIBLE* they’re really really weird???
        The geometry is whacked in some areas.
        The soldier models are really pretty average.

        The textures on the walls do look nice, really they do, but I’m not that impressed beyond my first initial viewing. I’m going to actually need to see a game running live in this before I get excited.

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