Gatorade's Mobile Game Portrayed Water As Enemy

Gatorade had a mobile game last year in which water was portrayed as "the enemy that hinders performance". Sigh.


    Any more info?

      Luke Plunkett is notorious for lacklustre articles.

        Gawker love their one sentence articles about something a year ago. I'm surprised it didn't have a gif. I wish they'd stop using US articles at all without screening them a lot better. AU site isn't any better just for approving this rubbish.

          But we all clicked it! As much as articles like this are terrible, more clicks means more money and that pays all the good writers and the articles we enjoy.

            This is why they don't get an adblock exemption from me :p.

            That and the full page banner ads everywhere you look.

    I've never really been one for Kotaku bashing, but...


    One sentence and "Sigh."

    I don't even...

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      Yeah, seen it happen before. I guess they have a quota for the day of how many articles they need to publish.

        Doesn't excuse AU Kotaku for republishing this worthless US article.

      12 characters difference between headline and total article and that's being generous and including punctuation and the space...

    Gatorade Had A Mobile Game Last Year In Which Water Was Portrayed As "the Enemy That Hinders Perform

    Plunkett I knew you were a lazy writer most of the time but you can't even be bothered finishing sentences? Oh for f

    Luke, come on man. I know you get bashed on here for alot of articles and that can't feel good but you have to put more info and effort into your journalism. Nobody takes you seriously anymore. Get your shit together man.

    But does waters gots what plants crave?

      Came here for Idiocracy quotes, was not disappointed.

    So they're posting articles through twitter now?

      Nah he's invented an even smaller version of the social network dubbed nano-blogging, the site is going to be called "meh"

    reminds me of The Waterboy.... "Gatorade is better............. no H2O is better"

      Water sucks, it really really sucks. W-water sucks!
      H 2 O!

    Plunkett really needs to stop using Kotaku as his twitter.

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