Gigantic Space Battle Breaks Out In EVE Online, Thanks To Unpaid Bill

Gigantic Space Battle Breaks Out In EVE Online, Thanks To Unpaid Bill

One week after this monstrous galactic throwdown in EVE Online, the sci-fi MMO is the scene of another humongous space battle — and it’s all because of a missed bill payment.

Because this is EVE, the intrigue leading up to one of these rumbles is often more entertaining than the fight itself — especially when it gets so large that time itself has to slow down to account for all the ships in the area of operation. According to an email EVE Online sent out today, more than eight Titans — these are the real bad mofos of the EVE fleet, capable of equipping a superlaser have already been destroyed in the Battle of System B-R5RB. The belligerents are, once again, the N3 Coalition and the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC), with other alliances assisting both sides.

What touched off this battle? A missed bill payment, basically.

“Earlier today an alliance in the N3 coalition missed a bill payment for the system where Pandemic Legion is staging and storing their fleets,” writes EVE. “This missed bill caused sovereignty to drop across the system leaving the station vulnerable to capture. Seizing the opportunity, the CFC (Goonswarm Federation, Razor Alliance, Black Legion and the Initiative) and Russian Coalition (Solar Fleet, Darkness of Despair and Against ALL Authorities) captured the station.”

You might remember that CFC got its collective arse handed to it back on Jan. 18, when it decided to tangle with Pandemic Legion’s “Wrecking Ball” fleet down yonder in System HED-GP. N3/Pandemic sent aforesaid Wrecking Ball into B-R5RB to retake the station, although at a smaller strength. CFC brought in “a large contingent of Dominixes, Dreadnaughts and Titans,” and decided it was time to play the Feud!

Here is my favourite part of the email: “The fight is ongoing with both sides banking on their European, and soon North American, players returning from work to bolster their forces.”

You can follow it all in this Twitch livestream but I warn you, those who say EVE is like playing a spreadsheet won’t be proven wrong here. With time dilation in high gear, this is not so visually arresting — except for the hilarious news crawl. (Noting, as of press time, more than 2 trillion ISK in materiel loss).

It’ll be left to the victors to write history and when they do, we hope they do it with style.

Picture via r/EVE


  • I think checkpoint said it best in their 2013 roundrup: “Thanks to EVE Online, for giving us the thrill of being a war correspondent, without actually having to have a war.”

    If only real wars were fought digitally….or better yet, with just the leader of each country in a boxing ring.

      • We might see a return to the feudal system where only the biggest murdering bastard gets to be king, but he rations off parcels off his land to keep all the young upstart murderous bastards from fighting him all the time, up until he can buy off the church to convince everyone that he and his progeny are actually king by Divine Right, at which point his bloodline can corrupt itself into incestuous stagnation and – ultimately – irrelevance! Exciting times.

    • Not unusual at all (in fact, battles occur pretty much constantly across the 7500 systems in EVE), but the sheer scale of this battle is what made it newsworthy. It dwarfs everything that came before it.

  • Good to see GoonSwarm still a major part of the game. They’ve been responsible for a hell of a lot of entertaining madness over the years.

  • You know what’d be great in Eve?
    The ability for casuals to log into a gun turret on capital ships – not the ships primary weps – secondary weps that do a little damage but not battle-turning. Ship owner controls whether weapons are ‘live’ or not.
    Someone else can work out the logistics – I’m just an ideas man and that ones going straight to the pool-room!

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