Grand Theft Auto V Is Boring (According To This Video)

What's really fun about Grand Theft Auto V? Joke or not, I think this animated video really does a great job of illustrating an interesting point about the Grand Theft Auto series: quite often something that sounds fun on paper, ends up being a little... well, boring!

And, on the flipside, the things that sound boring on paper often end up being the most engaging thing. That's just video games.

Also — this clip has some seriously cool and inventive animation. You should watch it.


    Animation was awesome, and I totally have the same opinion about the game. But the tanning bed pause made me laugh so hard I cried.

    haha that was great! Can somone please post the youtube clip, inbuilt video player always has horrible quality on mobile.

    I love the vid! Awesome stuff. But anyone who finds GTA V boring clearly has no imagination what so ever. Ahh the CoD generation who find anything that requires even a little brain power to be "boring".

    Then you have the impossible to please geeks who think WoW & Starcraft are the pinnacle of fun.

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