Guile’s Theme Goes Great With An NHL Street Fight

Montréal and Dallas hooked up on Jan. 2 and at 4:56 in the second period, the Habs’ winger Travis Moen decided he’d had enough of counterpart Antoine Roussel’s shit. Metacritic’d this spectacle at 84, with Moen clearly winning the fight. Our ears perked up because … wait … is that Guile’s theme?

Yes it is! At the 0:40 mark. Someone at the American Airlines Arena has a sense of humour, though tsk tsk, that sounds like Guile’s theme from the SNES, not the arcade version. Still, yes, Dallas Stars’ P.A. man, we get the joke. Guile’s theme goes with everything.

Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything Meme Hits the Big Leagues [Capcom-Unity]


  • gotta love ice hockey
    punching on is actually in the rules. the refs will let it go untill someone falls over of if it isnt 1 on 1

    • Only in North American Hockey, and refs can technically break it up at any time, it’s their call. The European leagues take more of a dim view of fighting. Yeah, you can still fight, but that’s the end of the game for you. Plus, there’s often mandatory suspensions as well. We take a REALLY dim view of it here. Fighting and cross checking are the two cardinal sins. You watch NHL, then watch something like the world championships or Olympic hockey, and you’re almost watching 2 different games, like league and union.

    • It’s not ‘in the rules’ so much as it’s a strange, cultural phenomenon that’s rarely enforced. Hockey, especially the NHL and its farm leagues are blood sports.

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