'Hackers' Claim To Have Broken EA's Origin Service, Battlefield 4

The same group of "hackers" who last week took credit for bringing down a number of big games and company websites are back at it, today taking responsibility for issues plaguing EA's Origin service on the PC.

We've directed the Gaben Laser Beam™ @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline

— DERP (@DerpTrolling) January 3, 2014

While it can't be confirmed whether EA's servers have indeed been attacked, at time of posting Origin's servers are down; it's pinwheeling on startup for me before it can even tell me the servers are down.

In response, EA has tweeted:

We're working to resolve connectivity/login issues affecting various platforms/games. Thank you for your patience. Updates when available^EX

— EA Support (@AskEASupport) January 3, 2014


UPDATE - Looks like Battlefield 4 is down as well.

DERP [Twitter]


    How cool are these guys.

    Please stop giving them the attention they want.

    These days you can give any 10 year old a computer and they think launching a DDoS makes them cool and edgy...Just make this the last article about them and ignore them.

    Last edited 04/01/14 6:23 am

    Well that's just great. Thanks idiots.

    i must admit i did have a good chuckle when i saw the picture and read "Gaben Laser Beam™".

    These arnt hackers you spastic stop posting crap.

    3 months on and now new issues in regards to playing BF4. Urge to Kill, Rising.....!

    Can we also blame people with unprotected systems that are being used as part of the ddos attacks.

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