Hardcore Studying In China Looks Absolutely Frightening

Hardcore Studying In China Looks Absolutely Frightening

Exams! If you are a student, you have them. And probably hate them. But your methods of staying awake probably aren’t as interesting — and downright scary — as these.

Recently on China’s Weibo, photos are currently depicting the ways some students stay away as they cram for exams, whether that be with clothes hangers or scarfs or whatever.

The photo trend seems to have started when a student at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University posted photos of her “Clothes Hanger Hanging Hair,” which then inspired other to upload their own pics while studying.

The idea is that if they fall asleep, it will cause their hair to get pulled or they have their heads held up. Here, have a look:

Some of these look to be jokes (like the guy gaming), and please don’t think all students in China study like this. It’s a photo meme! But still, don’t try these methods at home, in your dorm room, or anywhere for that matter. Some of them look dangerous. Especially the shoe sniffing.

大二女生”衣架吊发”苦读 [Weibo]


  • I love the fact that the even though they are most likely jokes the first picture started off fairly innocent, just be in a little pain if you fall asleep. Then the next picture went straight to killing yourself.

    • It actually shouldn’t hurt, your weight distributed across all that hair would mean there wouldn’t be that much preasure.

      I remember seeing a doco years ago about these weird grind house movies that would centre around women being in dangerous scenarios and one of them had a scene where a blonde lass was being hung by her hair by Vietnamese soldiers (interesting fact was that it was shot during the Vietnamese war and the soldiers weren’t actors, they were just happy that they were getting paid quite substantial amounts of money) and the actress in question remarked that they hadn’t used any rigging she was literally hanging by her hair which didn’t happen to hurt.

      • I think they’re talking about the ones where they have scarves around their necks, meaning if they fell asleep, it would put pressure on your trachea and at the least, cause breathing difficulties.

    • +1 That really caught me by surprise. After about eight similar pics.. BOOM! there’s a guy sniffing his (or someone else’s?!) shoe. If anything, I thought that would instantly cause you to lose consciousness…

  • one would think that if they are studying till they are so exhausted that they are about to fall asleep, they aren’t actually taking much of it in…..just sayin…

    • Pretty much…… that, and “cramming” generally doesn’t actually work if you wan’t to *learn* stuff. You may get lucky and remember a couple of facts, but nothing’s going to really stick.

      Learning takes time and continued practice over a whole semester. The night before a big exam is better spent getting solid sleep.

      • What you don’t understand is that for most of these students, they do study intensively right through the semester. The difficulty of the exams, and the intense social pressure to not only pass, but do well, means they cram last minute as well to gain every advantage they can.

  • The last one doesn’t look like he’s studying it looks more like he is playing some type of MOBA

  • No level of education is worth this level of suffering.

    I can see the value in a quality education sure, but this is taking the concept to a stupid level.

  • I think they should consider that their country is just plain messed up instead of trying to come up with some makeshift solution, ignoring the real problem.

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