Here's How Modders Are Building GTA V Inside Of GTA IV

Here's How Modders Are Building GTA V Inside of GTA IV

There's no PC version of Grand Theft Auto V yet. It's just a dream to the console-shunning gamers who want their turn to rampage through the streets of Los Santos. A team of modders is making that dream a reality.

We got a glimpse in images and a short teaser yesterday, but the more detailed video above shows how the GTA IV modding community is looking to recreate that game's sequel for the PC. You'll see a few familiar cars, the LifeInvader office campus and even a husky first draft of a Franklin character model. Of course, this fan-created Los Santos doesn't have the bustle and drama of the actual versions on PS3 or Xbox 360, but it's an impressive feat, nonetheless.


    Slow news day?

      Why is this not newsworthy on a videogames site?

          They link to that article in this article, acknowledging it as a short tease. This is a completely different and "more detailed video".


      I'm as critical as anyone of Kotaku but... this is relevant... and interesting... and doesn't begin or end with "not everyone is happy".

    Or people could just buy a cheap xbox or ps3 and play gta5 on that..

    Last edited 18/01/14 5:31 pm

    All I need from a PC version of GTA V is Golf. Thats the only remaining thing I do on the console version anyway. Until GTA:O gets updated to include something worth doing and the game isnt completely wrecked by Hackers/Bug Abusers

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