Here's That DayZ Wallpaper You Were Looking For

Here's that DayZ wallpaper you were looking for, courtesy of the one and only Dead End Thrills. Higher-res version here.


    That can't be a DayZ wallpaper; There's not enough muggers around.

    Last edited 23/01/14 3:37 pm

      Plus noones starving to death in the corner, noones dying from being fed disinfectant...

        You don't know how that zombie met his first end, could have been either of those options.

      It's definitely DayZ, I can tell as there's only one zombie.

    "Jamie finally had enough of Adam's horsing around."

    Wait, this wasn't a Captions post?

      I wonder if Hyneman knows there's a zombie in DayZ modelled after him...

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