Here’s The New Game From The Left 4 Dead Creators

Here’s The New Game From The Left 4 Dead Creators

Evolve survived the destruction of THQ one year ago and now the game is ready for a closeup. Game Informer’s cover subject is the co-operative/competitive shooter, which sounds kinda like, yep, something from Left 4 Dead, for which Turtle Rock Studios is best known.

The game will release later this year for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Its main mode pits four player-controlled alien hunters against a player-controlled alien monster, which grows ever larger and more powerful as matches progress. It sounds sort of like a class-based Left 4 Dead against one bad mutha of a Tank.

The game was under development for THQ until the publisher dissolved in a bankruptcy sale last January. Take-Two Interactive bought it for $US10 million; Turtle Rock itself bid $US250,000 for the property just in case, to keep it going.

February Cover Revealed — Evolve [Game Informer]


  • Sounds like it’d be fun!

    Shame it’s not on Wii U, 4v1 would have been a good use of the Wii U tablet.

  • Wasn’t there a really early version of Left 4 Dead, where the boss fight was a tank that was controlled by up to 4 players (one for each limb)? Might be where they got the idea for this game.

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