A Video Of The 35 Marvel Skins Coming To Minecraft On Xbox 360

Here's video of that Marvel (really, just the Avengers) skin pack for Minecraft, Hawkeye looks just as dynamic and interesting in low-res as he does in the movies.

The pack will include 35 skins and is exclusive to the Xbox 360 version.


    I'd like some news come out on the next Gen console minecraft.

    Is this something people would buy ?

      It's $3 for the digital equivalent of a 35 pack of assorted super hero bumper stickers. Official Minecraft sticker sets start at about $4. Official Marvel/DC stickers are about $4 per sticker for a logo. I'm guessing they'll make a couple of dollars out of this. =P

      If your dream has been to have your superhero of choice captured, stripped of powers and swinging a pickaxe in a mine this DLC is for you!

    Except it's been out for like 3 weeks? *so confused right now*

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