Hey, GameCube Fans, Got A Free Hour?


    Why? Is it a good read? A funny one or one that belittles the entire existence of the console?

    Will there be pictures of unicorns battling sea lions with cheese sticks over who gets to wear the spandex pants?

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      Yeah, at least some kind of summary of what was in there would have been nice. Guess Kirk didn't have an hour to spare.

    I know Kotaku's a private site and the contributors can write as much or as little as they please and I don't have to come here... but this is just damn lazy. A quick summary or some choice quotes from the other article would have been the least you could have done.

    There's some really good stuff in there. It starts off talking about the 64, a bunch of hardware design stuff, then goes to talk about them moving on to the Cube. All the competition between the four companies at the time, things like that. There's a whole bunch of awesome Yamauchi quotes, dude was a badass. Now I'm up to stuff on second party developers, with all this stuff I'd never heard about Retro back in the day. And now sadface bits on Rare.

    It is a pretty good read, shame the "article" above makes you specifically want to avoid it.

      Yeah. I haven't made it all the way through but so far it's been worth reading. The N64 parts in particular are interesting because all the complications and relationships were happening way over my head at the time. It was really the generation I stopped thinking of Nintendo in that 'they're company in a building in Japan making consoles' way, and even by it's end it was still a little pre-internet, so I've never really put much thought into behind the scenes back then. I tend to either go back further than the N64 or start at the GameCube.

      [Edit: Loving that Yamauchi quote of ”People do not play with the game machine itself. They play with the software, and they are forced to purchase a game machine in order to use the software. Therefore the price of the machine should be as cheap as possible”.]

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