How Do The Sales Of A Steam Game From 2006 Compare With One From 2013?

It's always interesting to see sales numbers for a game released on Steam, with the latest developer to show its hand being Facepunch Studios with its new title Rust. Facepunch, run by Garry Newman, is best known for Garry's Mod — thus providing the perfect opportunity for a historical look at Steam's revenue generating abilities.

In a blog post yesterday, Newman compared the two-week sales performance of Garry's Mod with Rust, providing some insight into how much has changed since the former went on sale in 2006.

While GMod managed 34,000 — an extremely healthy number — Rust has performed even better, with 150,000 copies sold so far.

What makes the number even more impressive is that Rust is not only an Early Access title, but double the price of GMod. Whether its Newman's reputation at work, or people are keen for a game with "caveman-themed nudity", the proposition is compelling enough for people to take a chance on it. This is despite the fact Newman admits it contains less than a "100th" of its planned content.

GMod vs Rust Launch [Facepunch Studios]


    Maybe because it was also apart of The Yogscast Humble Bundle where the minimum was $25, $5 more than the game sells for might have had something to do with it.

    Aaaaand now I have Gary Numan stuck in my head.

      Now I do too.
      Here in my car.
      I feel safest of all.
      Over and over in my head!!!!!!

    I was thinking of buying Rust.......though i'm a little worried about how the game plays in Australia.......hows the lag?? or do you join local servers?? in which case hows the Australian server populations??

      From what I hear the community are LoL-level horrible. I'm inclined to avoid it on that basis alone.

      Australian servers. Pings are very good. Prepare to get shot a lot.

      Lag is kinda bad, community is about as bad as any 'you have to build from the ground up' community is. Which is basically no one sharing anything, everyone killing everyone else, and no one wanting to get left behind. I got bashed to death by naked people with rocks twice in my first ten minutes.

      I suggest you play with friends if you can, if you can't you need to make friends quickly.

      Last edited 04/01/14 7:02 pm

        "I got bashed to death by naked people with rocks twice in my first ten minutes" that's a box quote if i ever saw one

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