How Metal Gear Solid Has Changed In A Single Image

How Metal Gear Solid Has Changed in a Single Image

Metal Gear Solid has changed. It's not about rudimentary polygons, or abstract graphics. It's an endless series of awesome photorealism.

Hideo Kojima recently tweeted this image from a Kojima Productions presentation titled, "The Present and Past of Game Development." My, how far we've come.

新人朝会でのジョニーのプレゼン [Kojima_Hideo]


    Some damn fine genes right there!

    Last edited 31/01/14 6:40 am

    He kinda looks a bit like House with an eyepatch, to me.

    They're different characters though!


    Needs the Metal Gear sprite to complete the comparison.

      I think his head was like 5 pixels wide!

    I dislike the new one. It looks a lot like Keifer Sutherland.

    And I dislike Keifer Sutherland.

      It looks nothing like Keifer Sutherland!

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