What Not To Do When The Camera Points At You At An eSport Event

What Not To Do When The Camera Points At You At An eSport Event

If you ever watched livestreams of any eSports event, you might have noticed that the camera sometimes stays too long on one person in the crowd, and it can get really uncomfortable. Or it could be so terrifying and shocking that you flee immediately, like the ladies above.

This funny incident happened during the third match between rOrO and Shine on Proleague. Here's the full video, with the commentators' reaction around the 10:40 mark.

Come on, there's no shame in watching StarCraft II live!

SPL 2014 rOrO vs Shine Set 3 Star-Station [EsportsTV, YouTube]


    A 17-minute video clip? That's a bit much to ask, just to see someone who skipped work / school and got caught out.

      I guess it is a good thing they included the animated GIF then ...

    There's a theory from BW days that the first people who did the 'Too shy! Too shy!' were students who skipped school to watch live games and didn't want to be identified but I suspect it's merely a cultural thing. Korean women will always shield their face when on camera, Korean men usually will, and foreigners almost always fist bump/chant/show their homemade placards. It's just a different flavour of audience participation.

      Yeah I noticed this, it seems to be just a Korean thing, particularly the girls.

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