Huge Image Gives A Little Peek Into The Next Halo

Huge Image Gives a Little Peek Into the Next Halo

All-new console. All-new Halo. And, according to this 343 Industries update, this is a look at an all-new slice of the Halo-verse. Loads of detail in there, eh?


    For those playing at home.....

    With the Didact gone and relative peace with the Covenant, the Spartan program will be re-branded the Guardian program. And you'll be tasked with forging back into the solar system throughout which mankind had colonized, before being driven back to earth by a collection of alien foes, you're destiny will be to explore long abandoned civilizations and reclaim what was destroyed. Hence the reclaimer saga moniker.

      Hahaha! Oh you poor deluded bastard, you really think 343i would kill off the Didact so soon?

        We saw him fall into a dangerous abyss. We have every reason to believe he is dead, a fall like would kill anything, no need to see a corpse.

        And you'll have your own space ship, and visit places like the moon and Venus. And you'll come across other fire-teams and participate in world events.

          Yes, good writers would be smart enough to keep him dead. But after what we saw with Halo 4, and after being given Palmer, I doubt 343i would keep him dead. Hell, they've already confirmed bringing back Guilty Spark for Halo 5.

            I think you're missing my entire joke here. The ol' 'villain falling but not seeing him die' trope is straight out of every Saturday morning cartoon, if you write for the junior fiction section it's probably one of the strongest plot devices in your repertoire. It's pathetic, if course he's still alive, and so is Cortana.

            My joke is about Halo having failed to copy COD so now they're copying Bungie. Ya big dingus :p

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              Yeah, I know. I'm saying that good writers would keep him dead, but 343i have proven otherwise. The Didact was nothing but a big, mustache twirling cliche. You can easily add in, "I'll get you next time!" as he fell and it would fit.

              As for Cortana, I don't know. I think 343i might be arrogant enough to think that they made a huge, emotional death scene that made everybody cry and keep her dead to drive the point. But I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
              Really, I'm just waiting for them to turn Halsey into a cliche villian, trying to get back at the corrupt government, which in itself is also a cliche.

              Wait, was there anything in Halo 4 that wasn't a cliche?

                Wait, was there anything in Halo 4 that wasn't a cliche?

                Yeah, there was that one thing ... that uh .... um ... actually ... never mind, I was wrong.

      They should totally make that. Halo: Destiny would be a great name too

    Looking at that, is it wrong to want another ODST game?

    I heard the main creative writer from bungie that worked on all the bungie halo games has jumped ship and now work for M$. Hopefully he help 343 in some direction if its not too late.

      Joe Staten. He's not working with 343 directly. He's being like, a franchise coordinator or some such so will be doing more managerial rather than design leads.

    A bit late to the party.

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