'I Bought My Boyfriend Call Of Duty So [Our] Breakup Will Be Easier'

Breakup Will Be Easier'" link="lightbox" size="xlarge" align="center" nocrop="true"] The last time we took a look at Whisper — a popular app that allows users to post text and photos with confessions — we saw that it was full of dissatisfied young women who get ignored by their significant others because of games. But that's not the only type of secret that people share on the service.

Some people are pretty happy with their nerdy relationships, in fact!

But being ignored because of gaming is still a big enough problem that there are even folks who prey on this sort of relationship.


And some folks even have trouble finding their perfect gaming dude, believe it or not.

Amusingly, at least one person doesn't care if they get ignored because of gaming. Note that the images on the right are what other users responded to the Whisper on the left.

Sometimes gaming doesn't bring couples together or pull them apart — it just helps someone get through a rough romantic patch.

At least one person used gaming to make a break-up go more smoothly:

Not all the confessions are relationship related, of course. We've got other usual suspects — like anxiety around being a 'real' gamer.

This is especially true when it comes to girl gamers — there's lots of debate about what even qualifies you as a gamer, unfortunately.

Not to mention annoyance that identifying as a girl gamer is actually just a ploy for attention.

And when you have nitpicky Whispers like this one, it's not surprising to see anxiety around the idea of being a 'real' gamer:

There is at least one person on Whisper who says they game because of attention, though:

And for some folks, gaming in of itself is a secret.

Some confessions are of the more adorable variety:

And some are damn heartbreaking...

You can look at all sorts of confessions and secrets on Whisper here.

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    Crop fail. :(

      Epic crop fail Indeed.

      There's like 1 image in this mammoth post that you can actually read.

      US Kotaku to AU Kotaku Copy-pasta fail

        DOn't tell me they overcooked the pasta again after stealing the recipe?! (hehe, sorry, I'm easily amused by minor typos)

          Lol it wasn't a typo, google copy-pasta

          Copy-pasta's not really a typo, not any more than how some type 'lawl' for 'lol'

            Oh, thanks for the heads up! I'm too old to be cool these days. Can't keep up with what's unintentional and what's net slang. Or should I say 'interwebz' slang? (Is that getting closer, am I cool yet?) Haha, that'll teach me to try and be smart about other people's "typos".

            Heheheheh. SOrry guys.

      See this fail so often.

        I thought these guys at least looked at stuff before pressing the publish button...

    Is it just because I'm looking at this on my phone browser that I'm getting shitloads of broken html referring to lightbox?

      No I'm getting the same thing on my computer..the whole article is just one big mess of poorly cropped photos and broken html codes.


    Soooo... Breakup Will Be Easier’” link=”lightbox” size=”xlarge” align=”center” nocrop=”true” clear=”true”]???

      Much lightbox. Very true. Such align.

    Yeah, really lazy formatting Kotaku team. You mind fixing this for those who are interested in what the rest of the messages say?


    For anyone interested in reading the actual article. Word of warning though, I'd almost rather read it on AU with half the images cropped up. The US layout is just ugly.

    So how does the process of reposting us kotaku content work? Surely there must be some local editorial oversight even if only to click preview & check that the page renders properly before publishing.

      I think Kotaku AU is basically a one man operation editorial-wise. Mark's got his hands full with writing local stuff and the like, I imagine. Wouldn't be surprised if it was all automated.

        Well if @markserrels is a bit overwhelmed, I'm not busy, have some web management experience and work cheap as all hell

          Community Manager AliasAlpha! :P

    I can't imagine this being worth reading even if it were fixed. Another one of those endless articles that just depict ignorance with no form of empathy or insight for anyone reading.

      Well it is by Patricia

    Holy hell some most of these are horrific if true. (And honestly, I have no reason to doubt they are.)

    we saw that it was full of dissatisfied young women who get ignored by their significant others because of games

    Way to perpetuate the stereotype of 'ignored girlfriend/nerdy bf break up because of games'. Maybe you're just, as usual Hernandez, hearing only one side of a story and the games are only a reaction to other existing larger problems?

    I myself chose to play games and avoid my ex because I wanted nothing to do with her alcohol and drug issues. Yeah, it wasn't the best, or healthiest relationship on both parts. I tried to support her, I loved her and didn't want to lose her but found myself gaming to occupy myself rather than spending time with her. It was merely a device to do so. She complained about my gaming and I retreated into myself, not wanting to deal with the real issues, that our relationship was falling apart because we didn't want to deal with the real issues, not because of gaming.

    Last edited 21/01/14 7:25 pm

      Unfortunately, I know four different women who are married to guys who spend a bit too much time gaming. I've also overheard (well, she was screaming) another friend get verbally torn apart by his missus for playing too much GTA. My wife also has a COD friend who is in the same situation with his wife. It's a thing I've come across a fair bit. Yet, as a married gamer myself I'm the worst person to ask for advice because my wife is a mad gamer who understands and enjoys the hobby as much as I do. All I can do is put my arm around them and think to myself: sheesh, I wouldn't know what it's like to walk in your shoes.

        Seems more like a maturity level thing to me, with someone placing gaming before their relationship, again something that needs to be considered before blaming the actual gaming itself. It would be interesting to see what other aspects of their relationship were suffering besides that, how their conversations were in private, how they related etc.

          I'm sure gaming is just the very visual tip of a large ice berg in most cases.

            Absolutely, those icebergs run deep.

            Then Leonardo DiCaprio dies.

            Then we're all happy!

              Great, just when I think I'm close to conquering my grief at Jack's passing you gotta dredge it up and open the wound again, first thing in the morning. Thanks asshole =p

          Or there is just a complete lack of understanding. a response I have heard before is "it's not the time spent gaming you could be doing something else like read a book and that would be fine" just prejudice some ppl have towards gaming

            Don't worry, gaming is the new thing, when something else comes along people will aim their sights at the even newer scarier thing (just make sure when that new thing comes along in your older years you don't become a crotchety old person and hate on it too).

    This basically looks like a facebook news feed once you have a few teenagers added to your friends list....

    9 years of marriage, 2 kids. I still game. If you balance everything right you won't have to worry.

    Wow. An entire article of bile. Well done. I think I need to find or make a greasemonkey script to filter out particular authors.

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