If PlayStation All-Stars Had Every Good PlayStation Character…

If PlayStation All-Stars Had Every Good PlayStation Character…
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…It’d probably look like this fan art, drawn by talented Kotaku reader Max and his brother Leonardo. Lots of old PlayStation characters to spot in there.

BONUS FUN FAN ART — also by Max and Leonardo, here’s Breaking Bad, Mario Kart style:


  • I love how when he says “Are you ready for round two” he just chucks the X button in there because he couldn’t find a place for it. 😛

  • Tomba/Tombi! Mad props for including him. He’d be the character I would be if I could be any video game character. Animal dash, awesome climbing skills, no fall damage, can rock the shorts-no-top-or-shoes look, the ability to bite pigs… He’s not too overpowered, perfect.

  • Needs to include (in my opinion):
    – Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain)
    – Tidus and / or Auron (Final Fantasy X)
    – Captain Quark (Ratchet and Clank)
    – Kazuya Mishima and Paul Phoenix (Tekken)
    – Oliver (Ni No Kuni)
    – Welkin and / or Alicia and / or Selvaria (Valkyria Chronicles)
    – Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)
    – Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)
    I really like the inclusions though. That roster would have been far better than the final roster.

      • I loved Tidus! D:
        I loved Auron more, but Tidus was the main character so is a bit more deserving. And he was great in Dissidia!
        To each there own though! 🙂

          • Someone sounds a bit jaded. I did happen to like Squall, yes. I was too young to play FFVIII at the time, but again he was my favourite character in Dissidia. I’m allowed to like whatever character I choose, just cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re a bad character.

          • Def jaded, I think some of the worst characters in games, or any medium in general are from JRPG’s, lol. FF8 and 10 had my least favorite characters in the whole series, at least they still had quazi decent stories though, the same cannot be said for ff13.

  • Why is New Dante in there but not the good one? Where’s Alundra? Ayane and Rikimaru are missing too (though they are ninja so you never know). Yuri of Shadow Hearts fame should be in there too. No Prince of Persia or Hana Tsu-Vachel either…

    At least they have Tomba, Jak and Daxter and uh, Mega Man X?

  • I can see about 10 characters who are not playstation only characters…
    Lara Croft, Ezio, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake, Cloud Strife

    You could argue til the house comes home but it’s tragic that I honestly think even Microsoft could scramble more exclusive characters together in a Nintendoesque fighter…

    • Actually microsoft really couldn’t. Plus Spyro and Crash were huge in playstation’s history and were exclusives.

  • Whats the robot rabbit’s name again? I remember that was one of the like first ps one games I think? Jumping flash or something.

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