If This Passes As A Werewolf Simulator, I Don’t Want Any Part Of It

It sounded so promising, a game where you get to be a werewolf. How could anyone pass up a chance like that? So I took to the wonky, not quite cell-shaded world of Guise of the Wolf with enthusiasm, but being a werewolf just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The beginning of the game provides you with an inordinate amount of not being a werewolf. Instead you’re tasked with searching for your apparent friend Laszlo, and finding your way into a nearby castle. Not exactly the most exciting of starts. Although soon things take a good turn when you get talking to perhaps one of the greatest video game characters ever, Filch Hoodwink.

Filch Hoodwink made my time with this game somewhat fun. His voice acting was just so gloriously strange, I couldn’t help but like him. Although even patently mad characters like Filch Hoodwink aren’t enough to make this worth buying. You can see how I got on above, but simply, the game just isn’t very good.

Guise of the Wolf is available now.


  • Guard of castle – Give me 200 gold
    Guard of castle – You don’t have 200 gold. Why don’t you rob this castle that I’m guarding and give me the stolen goods

    • I hear it’s really hard to break into; ultra-competitive. Which is strange, considering how much VA in gaming is just so very, very bad. Hell, I sometimes get to thinking that I would like to VOLUNTEER my voice to some games, just to get some variety in there.

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