This Is How You Support An 'Old' PC Game

If you needed further proof that Crusader Kings II is one of the best-supported, most expansive games of all time, check out this new expansion.

Which, you know, only increases the size of the map by 50 per cent, adds 400 new provinces and the entire Indian subcontinent. And it's doing all this two years after the game was first released.


    If anyone is slighty interested in this game i suggest you get it ASAP, it's the only 'dynasty' simulator out there, you don't control a kingdom so much as you control a family that rules over the kingdom, and it's completely addictive.

      So kinda like Europa Universalis only more focus on the interpersonal politicking as the main game rather than a tiny facet? I have it, I've just never got into it. Hell, I've only just started playing EU4.

        You are correct. Every city, castle, church, county, duchy, kingdom, empire, is ruled over buy a person, each person is part of an ever growing family tree. All these thousands of people in the game world have opinions on you, claims to titles, and allegences with other families. I believe it is very realistic in representing medieval politics, wars are mostly faught over claims to titles, and not just because you felt like expanding (tho, you can make false claims on titles). What i found insteresting is the lack of nationalism in this game, you are not a country, you are a family, and the peasants pledege allegence to the owners of titles, and not the idea of a country.

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          Sounds like a step-up in difficulty from EU4. I'll have to give it a shot after. (Hell, in EU my king died and heir took the throne and I only realized because he wasn't leading my armies anymore. All the same, any game which allows the Scottish to conquer England - then the world - is alright in my book.)

    Great....I was going to do something cinstructive with my I have to start playing crusader kings again.

      oh god no another CK2 DLC. This damn thing is so addictive. Between continual awesome gameplay, continual DLC, and some mindblowing mods (Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings)..... players have no hope.

      Run. Run far away. Don't even consider playing this game because you will never see the light of day again.

    Does it have a decent tutorial yet? I love the idea of the game but after I bought it I couldn't make head or tail of it and was just lost in all the things I could possibly do.

      I have tried to start a game so many times, I've watched several YouTube tutorials and still some semblance of comfort with the gameplay eludes me. It is a really intriguing game but oh so inaccessible. It's probably its greatest flaw.

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