Imagine Pikmin, But With Greek Philosophers

What happens when you take the all-stars of Ancient Greek philosophy, mythological heroes and throw them into a pixel-art version of Pikmin? Okhlos, that's what.

In the video above, I play a bit of a very early preview build of a charming-as-heck indie game Okhlos by Coffee Powered Machine. It plays a bit like Overlord, Pikmin and The Wonderful 101, but with and the cast of 300 instead of goblins or plant-people. Keep in mind that it's still in early development, (the music and level design are all placeholders) but that said, I can't wait to see what the final product ends up looking like.


    "Oh yeah, smooth jazz. Only the finest."

      There aren't enough games with smooth jazz in the world.

        Agreed! According to the devs it started as a joke because of a copyright warning in Argentina that had the Kenny G song in it (Silhouette for those playing along at home)

        Thanks!! It started as a joke, as the VHS in the 90s here started with a legal disclaimer with Silhouette in it. :P— CoffeePoweredMachine (@CpmStudio) January 29, 2014

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