Impressive Tech Demo Pits 10,000 Spaceships Against Each Other

Impressive Tech Demo Pits 10,000 Spaceships Against Each Other

Oxide Games, a group composed of industry veterans from Microsoft and Firaxis, are currently working on Nitrous, which is gonna be a next-generation engine for strategy games. Calling it impressive, honestly, is a bit of an understatement.

The team recently released a demo video showcasing Star Swarm, which is a technology demo built using the engine. It shows a large space battle taking place between over 10 thousand units. The surprising part here is that it actually seems to be running at an acceptable framerate, which, according to the video, is the effect of AMD's Mantle API — specifically, its ability to enhance communication between the graphics card and the CPU. Have a look:

Maybe someone could convince Disney to licence this thing for a Star Wars game.

Star Swarm Demonstration [YouTube, via DSOGaming]


    All I can think of is how much I'd wanna see a Homeworld game in such an engine

      "There are 3 games in active development using this technology" (from the video)

      Maybe the new Homeworld is one of them! In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's likely.

    I just want a Battlefleet Gothic game :(

      would be nice but GW will never give the rights although they did give spacehulk another run on the PC
      so you might be in luck

    Robotech/Macross Plus game please ^_^

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