Incredible Gamer Takes On Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out While Blindfolded

Not only is master gamer Sinister1 playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! while blindfolded and crushing it, he’s moving through the game as quickly as possible. I’m speechless.

Part one is up top, and here’s the rest of the run, where things get hairy:

Sinister1’s full-run attempt happened today during Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, a speedrunning charity event going on over at Twitch. There’s all manner of freakishly high-level play going on during the event, but this remains the most impressive thing I’ve seen come out of the event.

AGDQ is being held to raise money for cancer research; you can donate in a variety of ways here, and we encourage you to do so.

My boss Stephen Totilo wanted me to write this post while blindfolded, which might’ve gotten in the way of me adding the links to this next bit: Check here for a full schedule of remaining AGDQ events, check this Reddit thread for any runs you might’ve missed, and watch an embedded livestream on Twitch.

I bet Sinister1 could’ve written this post while blindfolded, though. And it would’ve been amazing.

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