Infamous: Second Son Has A New Trailer

It’s a look at how Seattle was developed and rendered in the PS4 game, due for release on March 21.


  • Hopefully the missions are more fun. That’s my biggest complaint about the the first two, some missions were incredibly frustrating.

    • Like those ones in Infamous 2 where you had to direct a bolt of lightening a few hundred meters to power up an area? Uhh…

  • Hopefully this looks as great as the trailers are making it out to be, AND that it runs smoothly… FPS dips are not fun. I’ll be happy if it at least maintains a solid 30 FPS.

    • It’s supposed to be 60fps

      Then again, I play so much console, PC and hand held that I never really notice fps unless there is a massive drop, if I look for it or in certain types of movement. As long as the game is good I can usually ignore

      • As someone that also plays PC and console games (I love games, not platforms!), it actually irritates me even more when there is a noticeable FPS drop. I don’t mind 30 FPS, but if you’re going to do 30 FPS at least make sure it can maintain it.

  • I love this series and can’t wait for second son. First time I played infamous was in the lunch room of Australian 360 Magazine office back in the day haha

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