Instagram Ruins Pokémon Snap

Back in the days of the original Pokémon Snap, there were no filters to toy with. But if there was a modern Pokémon Snap game? Chances are, it would have a few Instagram-y options for all the Pokémon pictures we take, like in this video by The Warp Zone.

I'd be OK with that, personally. Nothin' wrong with adding a little flair to your pictures, though obviously some people will be obnoxious about it — like the trainer in this video. I can deal with that so long as they bring the franchise back though!

POKEMON INSTAGRAM! (Pokemon Snap Parody) [The Warp Zone]


    ahh... i was wondering why these articles were feeling a little weird. was just on Kotaku USA like an hour ago. it seems all that happens is a direct copy and paste.

      What would you expect them to do? This is a regional version of the same website.

      I thought this was general knowledge, it's been like this from the very beginning.

    New Pokémon Snap for 3DS or Wii U. Do it you wacky kids. You know it makes sense.

      I was surprised they never made one for the Wii. For all the complaints about Nintendo just reusing the same IPs over and over again they've got a track record of having a great idea and only using it once or twice before never touching it again.

        Would be amazing on the Wii U with the gamepad. Wonder if you'd be able to play it long without your arms getting tired though.

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