Internet Magic Tricks: Six Seconds Per Laugh

Internet Magic Tricks: Six Seconds Per Laugh

Vines may only be about six seconds long, but that’s all Zach King needs to to pull an awesome trick, illusion or silly stunt. And before you can react or wonder how he did it, boom, he hits you with another neat parlor trick.

It’s pretty great!

Some of these you might have seen before — this is a compilation put together by FarlyTeem last month of all of the best Vines by Zach King. But they’re so good that they’re worth a rewatch anyway, so, enjoy!

Zach King’s ‘Magic’ Vine Compilation [FarlyTeem]


  • I’m sorry but these are really lame. If the editing of multiple clips together to make a ‘illusion’ leaves you laughing, card tricks and other standard magic tricks must outright kill you in laughter.

    • I’ll concede that there were a handful of clever edits (re: illusions) but yeh, on the whole a rather repetitive set of clips

      • Make sure you watch them with the sound up, quite a few are sound gags as well as visual.
        Pretty seemless stuff.

    • If it was in a hollywood movie and they edited say, I don’t know… a giant dinosaur into a city you’d pay money to see it and enjoy it.

  • Jeez, you guys are hard to please. I thought they were great, a lot were really inventive and a lot harder to pull off than you would think.
    Anyway, they are not meant to be viewed this way all in one hit, the whole point is that they are a six second diversion.

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