It Took Three Months To Find An Assassin’s Creed IV Easter Egg

In November, Assassin’s Creed IV writer Darby McDevitt put out a challenge on Twitter. Three months later, someone’s finally done it.

Here’s the challenge:

P.S. #AC4BlackFlag fans. There is an ultra-hidden John from I.T. Easter egg somewhere in the game. Someone tweet me if you find it.

— Darby McDevitt (@DarbyMcDevitt) November 7, 2013

YouTuber Kosappi Uni found the hidden message buried in the sound files of Ubisoft’s pirate game, and posted it in a video (embedded above). It’s strange, and meta, and kind of funny, especially if you’ve beaten the game and learned more about John from IT. (For further, spoiler-filled reading on John, check out the Assassin’s Creed wiki.)

Really, it’s amazing, in today’s world, that McDevitt and his team managed to keep an easter egg hidden for this long. Good work, guys and gals.


  • I don’t know, the original Halo game had a secret hanging around for a whole year.

    If you think that was too long ago, the Scarab Gun was more complicated to find in Halo 2 and that one took a week to find.

    • The hidden room containing hints of the next game in Batman: Arkham Asylum took a while to find too (not sure of the specifics).

    • Yeah, has anyone found that yet? I’ll be bummed if the whole deal is just that dino roar on rogue transmission

  • So Ubisoft are actively advertising that they want people to go rummaging through the game archives now?
    I can understand a personal or insider Easter egg hidden away like this, just not something they want to be sought out. Granted people where going to go poking around anyway.

  • I’m not sure if this really classifies as a true Easter Egg when it can’t actually be accessed from within the game though.

    • Considering it came out at the end of October, it’s actually closer to three months. Depends on how you prefer to round your numbers.

      • “In November, Assassin’s Creed IV writer Darby McDevitt put out a challenge on Twitter. Three months later, someone’s finally done it.”

        No, he specifically says November.
        and the tweet was on November 7th.
        You are right about October though, regarding the launch date. The game was launched on previous-gen consoles on October 29th.
        The YouTube video was posted on 14th January, which is 77 days after October 29th.
        Given there are 365.25 days in a year, and therefore 30.4375 days in a month, 77 days would be 2.53 months. So at a stretch I guess 3 months could be correct.

        Anyyyyway, what I am saying is that this is lazy reporting.
        The whole point of the article is based on how long it took to find the bloody easter egg.
        Getting the length of time right would have a large impact on that, one would think.

  • Some of the best were the Naboo fighter in one of the Rogue Squadron games. It came out way before Star Wars Ep I was released, so no one knew about it until after they released a code for it.

    Similar thing with the surfing pikachu game in Pokemon Yellow.

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