Japanese Town Gets Official Lupin The Third Licence Plates

Japanese Town Gets Official Lupin The Third Licence Plates

Well, this might be the best Japanese town then, no? Starting April 1 (this is no joke!), the city of Sakura in Chiba, Japan, is issuing 3000 limited edition Lupin the Third motorcycle licence plates. According to the city’s official site, the image of Lupin is from the first anime series.

Lupin the Third‘s creator Monkey Punch lives in the city, which is marking its 60th anniversary.

The white licence plate is for bikes under 50cc, the yellow plate is for bikes under 90 cc, and the pink plate is for bikes under 125cc. Those with bigger bikes won’t get to use Lupin plates. Sorry! However, they are making a blue Lupin plate for microcars. That’s awesome.

This gentleman is holding a sample.

No, it is not to scale.

You can apply for the plates starting January 15. If there are too many applicants, the plates will be distributed by raffle.

市制施行60周年記念 【ルパン三世】 ご当地ナンバープレートを交付します! [Sakura City]

Photo: ZeroChan


    • The town. It marks the anniversary the place achieved city status through the merger of neighbouring ones. And the man holding the plate? Sakura’s mayor, as opposed to just some gentlemen.

  • “No, it is not to scale.”

    Oh thank god, for a second there I thought I was an idiot who couldn’t figure that out own my own.

  • I used to live about 5km out of the Sakura city borders. I would’ve moved house to be able to get one of these on my dinky little Kei car.

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