Japan’s First PS4 Commercial Twists The Knife In A Rather Mean Way

Japan’s First PS4 Commercial Twists The Knife In A Rather Mean Way

“Look at all these people, having fun with their PS4s,” the ad seems to say. “Sure would be nice to get some of that action, huh?”

While I’m sure Sony Japan’s intention wasn’t to torture people — even the caption reads “The world will be united with play,” which shows their heart was in the right place — still… you’re a Japanese company. You’ve released your console outside of Japan first. This isn’t a very nice thing to show your Japanese fans. Why not use some game footage? Can’t go wrong with that.

PlayStation 4: Japan 2.22 [playstationjp@YouTube]


  • Sony made the right choice going for a kill shot at Microsoft. Now it’s either heavily in Sony’s favor, or a dead heat.

    • It was certainly the right choice. Sony knows that hell would freeze over before their home turf flips over to Xbox, so they dumped all their stock in territories still under contention. Still sucks for Japanese fans though.

  • Feb 22nd it’ll finally release in Japan? Thats so long, however there isn’t any game worth playing on PS4 anyways…

    • There hasn’t really been an ‘amazing’ game since GTAV and the Last of Us. That said, I am enjoying Killzone (Worth it just for the eye candy) and Need for Speed isn’t bad, Rezogun is great, Assassins creed is fun for a change (Joke, but it is good.) and Flower is WOW and worth a replay. I have a good PC and a few consoles, incl. both the 3DS and Vita. As a gamer I don’t think any of them are bad or ‘not worth it’.

      That said, I do admit that for the Japanese market, there isn’t much to play.

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