JB Hi-Fi Reviews. They Still Exist. They Are Still Great.

It's been a while since we've done a little round up of JB's quality game reviewing skills. Today seems like as good a day as any!

The above review is easily my favourite. Subtle, hilarious, genius.

Good punnage. Good punnage.

Pretty much.


The year of Luigi... is over. [tear]

Hopefully this will convince more people to play this game!


If you're looking for more JB Hi-Fi reviews, this tumblr is pretty great. Doesn't just focus on game reviews either!


    I've actually taken pics of a few of them, should upload them at some point.

    Still my favourite one: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxo9e7dvnw1r3823do1_400.jpg

    Man, I must have the boring JB. I'm always looking out for awesome reviews but only get the bog standard ones.

    Some of these are very witty. Love the 90's references too. Can tell JB employees are in there 20s.

    The first one always makes me laugh.

    Same here with my JB, they have very boring reviews. Might try getting a job there and attempt at getting some more humourous reviews.

    Dissapointed the obligatory f fomb nowhere to be found between Gary and Oak ;)

    Can't believe you missed this one (which is still on their website) :D


    These reviews are better than the new IGN reviews...

    Mt Ommaney JB is decent with these reviews, always a good laugh!

    I think I want to get a job at JB just so I can write these.

    All hail the master gaming race indeed. Maybe when I get an internet connection at home to set Steam to offline mode maybe

    JBHi-Fi Adelaide FTW!

    not a game but still a really funny JB HIFI Review, from my local JB HIFI i give you there game of thrones review http://imgur.com/ETkUvYF

    Saw one in the movie section yesterday which just said: "V/H/S. Only available on DVD and Bluray."

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