Jimmy Fallon Makes Fun Of Nintendo’s Money Troubles

Jimmy Fallon can’t pass up a good zinger, and on last night’s Late Night, he let into Nintendo for their recent money problems. Check it out in the video above.

Clip via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


  • “Good zinger” ? Maybe if you’re borderline retarded?
    Nintendo deserve their fall. Their business model and concepts are so far beyond outdated that I am surprised they didn’t go bankrupt at the launch of the game cube, the beginning of the end really.

  • I realise they reported a profit, but whatever happen to the billions the Wii made? That can’t all have gone into the WiiU. I know it was discussed in another page, but I really do think they will bring out a new console sooner than everyone thinks – it would certainly sell if it released with Zelda.

      • Everybody forgets Nintendo has the best selling games machine in the world.

        More 3DS’s are being sold than any other games machine.

      • Nothing happened to the billions. They are sitting on something like $50 billion while everyone claims they are going to go 3rd party because the made a loss of $300 million.

      • I should have elaborated – and it was more of a sarcastic remark to the dozens of articles that I’ve seen saying that they are having money dramas, which to me always seemed like a joke.

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