Justin Carmical, Import Game Aficionado Who Advised Others, Dead At 42

Justin Carmical, Import Game Aficionado Who Advised Others, Dead At 42

Justin Carmical, a YouTube personality who, under the name “JewWario,” posted instructional videos on importing and playing Japanese video games on western consoles, died on Thursday. Carmical’s wife said on Facebook that he took his own life; he was 42.

“You all made him so happy, every time he was recognised from his videos, it made him giddy with joy,” Jenny Carmical said in this posting. She said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Justin Carmical’s JewWario channel dated to 2006; he had more than 10,000 subscribers. He frequently appeared in a Wario hat to discuss games released in Japan and how to import and play them despite their language barrier. His most recent video, on Jan. 21., showed how to use the PS Vita TV feature in a Japanese-region PSN account with English language options. This kind of advice was his speciality, both on YouTube and at his website, YouCanPlayThis.com.

Kotaku extends its condolences to Carmical’s family, loved ones and friends.


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  • I remember from thatguywiththeglasses. Haven’t followed his stuff in years, but he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to kill himself while his wife was in the other room pleading him no to.

  • Justin was a cool guy. He helped a lot of gamers over the years.

    I hope the following months are as painless for his family as possible. It’s always hard to lose someone. Losing someone to depression and suicide must be an incredible trial.

    Obviously he was dealing with some serious issues and didn’t feel like there was help for him. Anyone who is dealing with similar issues, please speak to someone about it. You can find help.

    • Anyone who is dealing with similar issues, please speak to someone about it. You can find help.

      What he said.

      It may feel scary and humiliating as fuck to do but that’s because society has browbeaten you into thinking you have to deal with this shit by yourself or you’re weak.

      Well fuck society.

      This is the same society that has gone beyond shaming fat people and has started shaming thin people because they’re not photoshopped thin, this is the same society that kicks up a massive stink about some b-list celebrity trying to be overly sexual in a desperate grasp for fame while not giving a fuck that people are starving or being murdered or brutalised by the thousands for no reason other than they might be terrorists some time in the future, this is the same society that will happily ignore that their new phones were made by slave labour because ooh shiny, the same society that thinks that the key to finding a solution is not to look forward and work through problems but to alternate approaches every chance you get hoping that the next one will be the magic bullet that solves it all at once…

      Yeah, FUCK that society. Fuck it right in the ear with a dildo made of razor wire.

      Getting the help you deserve as a human so you can be happy is better than living up to the expectations of that syphilitic cockweasel any day.

      Also, because I’ve kind of triggered myself writing that rant, I need some cheering up. Just in case I’m not the only one; enjoy some Mitch Benn.

      • It seems appropriate to share some words here from the man himself saying much the same thing albeit in a slightly less lurid fashion.

        The human mind is a weird, complicated tangle of impulses. It’s little wonder that it has a tendency to glitch out at times. If you’ve got an inkling that things aren’t right, even if you’re not crippled by emotional pain or suicidal or any of the far end depression symptoms then as others have suggested, you should head to your doctor and get referred to a therapist. If you go through a doctor, you can claim your first 6 sessions, up to 10 if you’re in particular severe need on medicare. It’ll cost you about $20.

        It’s also quite likely that, contrary to popular belief, you won’t wind up on medication. It’s possible that taking antidepressants might be necessary, but they’re falling more and more out of favour and being replaced by cognitive behavioural therapy which is more or less a bunch of mental excercises used to retrain your brain into functioning the way it should. I was more than a little skeptical myself when it was first described to me, but it’s something that works surprisingly well.

        My only other little bit of advice is if you find that you’re not clicking with your therapist, that they’re going off track and not really helping you, then find another one. Like anything else, each therapist will have their own strengths and weaknesses and each will suit different people with different concerns better.

        • It’s actually dependent upon quite a number of factors as to whether you will need medication or not. Cognitive behavioural therapy does help retrain your mind to not approach things in the same negative light that you’re used to, however, medication helps alleviate the biological components so that you can retrain yourself without the constant cloud of depression and negativity pulling you back down. You can’t learn to run free if you’re still wearing a leash.

          Sure, for what they call “situational depression” (where something like an unpleasant event has triggered a depressive period) you’re most likely not going to need medication, just someone to help you stop developing a negative mindset. However, if it’s more biological such as a bipolar disorder, or a recurring major depression linked to biological factors such as chemical imbalances then you are most likely going to need medication as well as therapy.

          I’m not saying you’re wrong on the whole, just that saying people will quite likely not end up on medication is not something you should be saying unless you’re a medical expert. Also, people need to be aware that a psychiatrist will more likely combine cognitive therapy with medication while a psychologist is more likely to use cognitive therapy without the use of a prescription (this is also due to psychologists not having authority to prescribe medication).

          • You are quite right. My main point was to allay the fear that if you go to a therapist they’re going to cram a bunch of drugs down your throat no matter what.

            There are a lot of cliches and misinformation about therapy coming from media and general culture. I’ve found a lot of people who haven’t had any reason to look any deeper at depression and mental illness tend to have a very skewed idea about how therapy works. The result is that people who need help are more reluctant to make that already extremely difficult first step of seeking some help. It was certainly that way for me.

          • I will say it here “I go to a therapist!” I promise that it helps, but it’s a process. We can’t alter our minds in a day now, can we?

            Condolences to Justin’s friends, family, and fans.

  • This is really sad to hear.

    My deepest condolences go out to his wife, his family, and friends. Losing a loved one before their time is hard enough. Losing them to suicide can be even tougher. I truly wish them all the best in coping with this tragedy.

  • I was a Huge fan of Justins, followed him since his TGWTG’s Days, His videos were so down to earth and you felt that he genuinely like what he did, I was really looking forward to his Pokemon Movie Reviews with Suede and Linkara. It is really upsetting to know that someone you watch and enjoy so much, and that gives so much, was going through such a tough time 🙁 All my love goes to his family.

    To Kotaku, There is a donation fund going to his family, it would be nice if you guys could get in touch and support it.

  • Im really sorry to hear this….
    Saw him in a Game Chasers episode, he appeared to be having a good time……
    Retro community has lost a dear brother.

  • The saddest part is that it has taken an act such as this for me to know this guy existed. I’ve been importing and playing Japanese games with little outside assistance, primarily Koei’s Musou titles and other tasty treats like EDF4. No, I can’t read Japanese… yet.

    Hopefully someone takes up his good work, language should not be a barrier to gaming (also neither should region/geo-blocking, but thats a political issue)

    • You should still have a look at his videos if you have an interest in Japanese games. He was so passionate about them.

  • well i guess that the pile of atoms that made up the consciousness we refer to as, sound combination 51.8124174B-B1: Justin. happened to make the conscious decision to take another pile of atoms and to cause a combustion effect with said pile, ultimately destroying the delicate balance which made the atoms conscious in the first place, they are now floating around, on the ground, bonding, being inhaled by some other form of life. fascinating is the fact that the same atoms that made justin, might just become part of another life form. justin is not gone, he is simply free.

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