Kids Talking About Which Game Console Is The Best Is Hilarious

Kids Talking About Which Game Console Is the Best Is Hilarious

Adults talking about which video game machine is better can be annoying and downright stupid. Kids doing it is adorable.

This video from YouTuber Game Dave rounds up letters from a bunch of kids stating the reasons they believe a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii console is superior to its competitors. They get some of their facts wrong, those kids, but their passion is in the right place.


    Clear evidence the PS4 will make your child smarter.......unlike the xbone, that, by judging from those letters make children forget how to read.

      So true, that guy at the end impressed me, but I was put off by the Xbox One guy who seems obsessed with MA+ games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, but can't even spell them...

    That smart at 8 years old? You win kid - have fun dying alone.

      Pretty sure chicks dig the dude thats going to be making six figure sums when he leaves school.

        keep holding on to that dream my friend. Keep holding on...

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          Alas, I am working in one of the lowest paid careers in the country (hospitality)... so far from six figures here :-(

    Seriously, what's up with using the gif? A screenshot of the same scene would have easily sufficed.

    Viewing this site from work on my ipad is starting to become a hassle (on mobile hotspot coz site is blocked at work)

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    He should have shooed the ones that were in caps. so disappointed :P

    Considering this is how many teens and some adults spell on youtube, it is a bit of a worry for the new generation. Although was quite funny seeing PS4 at the end without any spelling errors.

    budget friendly kids would choose PS4 console! For kids who doesn't bother about price and bother about quality the would prefer Xbox One. here is the Xbox One review and PS4 on &

    Was that last one really written by a kid? His spelling is too good for an 8 y/o. Heck, I can't even spell "tremendously" without using spell checker (which I just had to use because apparently I'm not as smart as this 8 y/o T_T ).

    I'm not saying this video was paid for by Sony, but if I was Sony, I would have paid to make this video.

    Funny that not one kid mentioned the Wii U by name.

    lmfao @ Darell with remote "cuntrol"

    I take it this vid is telling us that the PS4 is for smart and literate kids?

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