Killin' Time, By Feli Tomkinson

This piece of art was inspired by the game The Last of Us and just won its artist $US400 after it was picked from a batch of submissions by Ashley Johnson, who voiced Ellie in the acclaimed PS3 game. See the rest of the winners of WeLoveFine's fan art design contest here. The winning designs are available for purchase as prints or T-shirts.

Troy Baker, who played Joel, had a pick too, of course, as did the game's creative leads.


    I love the Clicker Nouveau by Jillian Hansen, but maybe because I just have a soft spot for Art Nouveau. It's mucha better than the winner in my opinion!

    Enh. Off-topic: I think how you read the article might say something about you.

    Did you initially read the title as:
    Killin' Time: Making time pass.
    Killin' Time: Time to get your murder on.

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