Lara Croft Throughout The Ages...

Lara Croft Infographic
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Lara Croft has changed a lot since we first met her but, for some reason, I've never really paid attention to how much she changed. This infographic by Halloween Costumes goes into great depth on how she's changed over the years.

The interesting thing for me, however, is how different the 'promotional' look of Lara differs compared to the actual in-game model. Sometimes the difference is quite dramatic.

Maybe it is a little strange though just how much attention we tend to pay to Lara and how she looks. Why am I even posting this?

Existential crisis incoming.

The Many Faces Of Lara Croft [Halloween Costume]


    That face third from the left up top. She managed to go full derp and powered on right through it. Kudos to her.

    I think my man boobs have gotten bigger in the last 18 years

    Wow, were the polys really that bad. Is that with our without Voodoo/3DFX?

    I wonder what the original creator thinks of Lara Croft in the latest Tomb Raider game. Considering he's always hated her being simple viewed as a sex symbol and the latest game works away from that.

      Toby Gard (the original creator of Lara Croft) was the cinematics director in the 2013 reboot

        Oh, when I looked him up I didn't see any credits to the reboot.

    Funny how the model changed to match Angelina Jolie right after the first movie.

    Is it me or has Lara's chin and jaw line changed from game to game???

    Obviously 2013 Lara is different since the face was scanned/mocaped by Megan Farquhar and Camilla Luddington did the rest of the mocap (so basically Megan Farquhar's face and Camilla Luddington's body) and Camilla Luddington is voice of Lara Croft...if you get what I mean

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